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take the path that moonbeams make
if the moon's still awake.
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17th-Aug-2010 12:11 pm - hours of data.
↵ Rather a sycophant.

graciously acquired.Collapse )


line by line.Collapse )
18th-Oct-2009 02:18 pm - . dial tone.
↔ Crossroad fencepost.
[not even two rings.]
Hello. This is Shiroe speaking-- if you were trying to reach me, leave a message. If not, I won't begrudge you.

13th-Sep-2009 03:46 pm - . permissions.
↔ Watchful.
Empathy, limited telepathy, psionic abilities and godmod-ish levels of computer knowledge are all on the list of Shiroe's Special Abilities, and three out of four of those things could significantly impact how he acts around your character. So it would be nice to know if you wouldn't mind him making inquiries, or if you'd like him to gtfo already (god knows a lot of people do).

In dealing with Empathy, he gains a constant feed of how your character is feeling, though he's limited to about a 100 yard radius (strong emotions aside). For Telepathy, he's stuck just a bit deeper than surface level unless he physically contacts you, but he can prob memories, dreams and thoughts.

For handy-dandy purposes, just fill out the form below answering these questions -- and thanks in advance!

18th-Oct-2007 02:25 pm - . land line.
↵ But I hate girls.

NAME: Pelt.
AIM:: Peltted
E-mail: dogedly@gmail.com


Issues with me or my character? Annoyed by a certain thing? Think I'm doing it wrong and I don't know it? Feel like sending Shiroe to the corner?

Please leave a comment here if so -- it'd be much appreciated. Anons are preferred, and IP logging is off.
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